We are proud to announce that PEAK is the first dealer in Canada to offer mutual fund representatives direct access to platform-traded funds (PTFs).

PEAK is also the first multidisciplinary dealer across Canada to offer all its advisors a fully integrated PTF access solution.

In line with the launch of the ETF offering for mutual fund representatives in 2016, the firm continues to innovate for the greater benefit of financial advisors and investors, giving them unprecedented access to funds at a lower cost than the Series F mutual funds in fee-based accounts.

“We are very pleased to pioneer a fully integrated PTF access solution in the mutual fund community in Canada,” said Robert Frances, PEAK’s Chairman and CEO. “We think it is crucial for Advisors to be well equipped, not only to constantly serve their clients better, but also to meet the demands of a changing and highly competitive industry. Through this innovation, PEAK has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing Advisors and their clients with a large offering and solid technologies to ensure they have a bright future,” he added.