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Despite the current pandemic situation, PEAK Financial Group continues to operate.
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For any request, we invite you to contact your PEAK advisor. In addition, we ask you to please send all documents electronically.

You can reach our head office by referring to our contact details and via the contact form available in the “Contact us” page.

Know that we are wholeheartedly with you. Thank you for your trust.

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Are you ready? We are.

Enter a new era of independent advice with state-of-the-art technology.

Standing out to grab the attention of potential clients has its challenges. But with PEAK, we help you innovate and rethink the way you do business so that you can provide an optimal customer experience.

You can leverage technological advances to focus on your customers, be more productive and grow your business.

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It is essential for any entrepreneur to be able to bring unique business practices to life.

Life and health

Ensure your client's financial security by offering them appropriate coverage among a wide range of insurance products.


Enjoy an open architecture that provides access to a comprehensive range of financial products while benefiting from technological solutions adapted to securities needs.

Group savings

Access a wide range of mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), platform traded funds (PTFs) and guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) while benefiting from technological solutions tailored to your needs.


Give your clients peace of mind and manage their investment decisions while relying on solid technologies.

Private wealth

Consolidate all your clients' asset management needs by offering private wealth management services.


Help your clients make their dreams a reality with mortgage solutions offered by our partners.

Reach your wildest ambitions, we will be at your side.

Bring your independence to life with the PEAK experience.

Manage your practice without the pressure of sales objectives and without in-house products. Work to the benefit of your clients through our openness to all financial products approved in Canada and our forward-looking decision to provide access to ETFs and PTFs in group savings practices.

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Nurture your inspiration with the large family of independent Advisors.

Across Canada, PEAK has an inspiring array of opportunities to connect with a network of professionals who share not only the same aspirations, but also the same reality.

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No limits. Create your future.


Take advantage of acquisition opportunities to expand your well-established practice.


Prepare the new generation to better enjoy life.

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From coast to coast. Team up with a solid, visionary partner.

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Experience PEAK's visionary leadership.

Find your balance.

Organize your schedule according to your reality. Take control of your practice and free up time to enjoy the little pleasures of life.

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“PEAK is different from others by its stability in leadership. PEAK listens and innovates. It does what it's supposed to do extremely well. I like the people at Head Office, at Weyburn and at Vancouver office. That's rare to feel connected across the land. PEAK Advisors are awesome. They greet you in other conferences and meetings. You get a sense of belonging that's quite genuine.

PEAK cultivates independent thinking within a truly professional arena. Independence yet with accountability in our practice is paramount to the integrity culture at PEAK. Every staff, every Advisor is important to PEAK.

PEAK is about team work. A true professional cannot work alone. From client services to compliance, we are a part of an awesome total. We learn from each other. With respect and consultation, we walk on to greater future.”

Dora So
13 years being a PEAK Advisor


“I like the fact that PEAK is trying to look forward into what our market needs right now, what we need right now, what our clients need. They look forward and try to give us all the tools that we need so that we can provide our clients with the best there is out there. They are supportive, they’re approachable and friendly, easy to deal with, and they’re responsive. It is easy to deal with PEAK, and that’s great, that’s easy for us. Easier for us is easier for the clients.”

Nathalie Richard
6 years being a PEAK Advisor


”Undoubtedly, I think the most distinguishing factor is just the people. By just the people I mean, they’re so incredible, they have so much passion. Even more importantly, the way they get involve in the industry at all the different levels, supporting ultimately our clients. There is an unbelievable passion, I believe in the bottom of my heart that it can’t be matched anywhere else in the country, and that’s the difference.”

Al Kimber
16 years being a PEAK Advisor


“A pivotal moment in my career was moving to PEAK and knowing that I was in the right place and would not have to move again. I wanted to pursue a career in which I could use my best abilities, be helpful to others while being free to access the best financial solutions for my clients.

Today, PEAK offers me the freedom and the responsibility to build a truly independent Advisory business with fellow PEAK Advisors who have similar values. It is also the opportunity to associate with an organization led by people I admire and respect.”

Rod Tyler
16 years being a PEAK Advisor


“I think PEAK is more than just an investment dealer, I feel as if it’s a community of like-minded advisors and people working towards better financial planning, advice, and availability of that kind of work to our clients. […]

My memories of PEAK so far are small and I look forward to many more years working with them and collaborating with them. But I’d say so far the best experience I’ve had with PEAK has been the conferences and the show they put on. This is one of the highlights of my business and my family’s years.”

Taylor Hewson
7 years being a PEAK Advisor

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